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when looking for a moving company

What you should consider when looking for a moving company

A move often represents the start of a completely new phase in life. While some would like to start packing the first moving boxes right away, others don’t even know what to start with first. After all, moving means a lot of work.

If you don’t have private movers who can help you pack, haul and transport, a moving company should be hired in time. But the fact is that there are many moving companies and choosing a suitable contact is not so easy. Especially in the classifieds of the Internet there are also many dubious providers. These sell your services without appropriate competence often completely overpriced.

In this guide, we would like to give you tips on how to find the right moving company for your move. You will also learn whether the moving company of your choice is a reputable provider.

Pay attention to the price

Dubious moving companies often show themselves by a completely unrealistic price. This is usually offered for the complete move or even the individual services. Especially on platforms such as eBay, there are countless providers who advertise very low prices. It is important to be careful with such offers. Afterwards, various special surcharges are often charged.

Our tip: Have them explain to you exactly what services are included in the price quoted. In addition, this fixed price should be recorded in a formal contract. A reputable moving company will always be happy to provide you with a very detailed cost estimate. Ideally, all additional costs, included services, etc. will be listed individually in this estimate.

You should check the estimate very carefully and really insist that the services discussed are explained in detail in writing. This way, there is no basis for any disputes after the move has been carried out.

Of course, it is understandable that you want to keep your budget in mind when hiring a moving company. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that the energetic support of the movers has its price. Accordingly, you should carefully consider beforehand which services you will outsource to the moving company. Maybe you can do some of the work yourself.

An unprofessional and reputable company will not take much time to answer your questions. They will be reluctant to answer questions about any price markups. A particularly nasty trick of dubious moving companies is to charge for all additional equipment, such as a load lifter, without asking.

Is there a transport insurance?

A competent moving company, which attaches importance to a serious way of working and doing business, will in any case offer you a free transport insurance. This insurance is essential for your move. It covers all the goods for the entire duration of the move against possible damage. Without the appropriate insurance, you will be left to bear the costs yourself in the event of damage. And you should therefore clarify the insurance question before signing the contract.

Appearance of the moving company on the Internet

In the best case, a professional moving company has a website. This should be supplemented by a complete imprint. This is where you will find the company’s summonable address. If you have the address of the company, you are on the safe side. Attention should also be paid to a proper contract, cost estimate and a serious signature of the stationery.

Moving companies that give a post office box as their address can be considered dubious. The same applies to providers who only disclose a cell phone number. If you can find neither the address nor the name of the management, you should check off this moving service provider and continue searching.

Through various portals, former customers of the moving company can leave reviews. So check very carefully how other customers have rated your chosen moving service provider. This will give you a neutral impression. You can also find out a lot about the way the moving company works.

Place value on detailed advice

You can recognize a professional moving company above all by service-oriented thinking. A personal consultation is part of the customer service of a reputable provider. A consultation can also be held directly on your premises. This also allows the service provider to get an overview of the scope of the removal goods.

A professional company will independently make an effort to inquire about the quantity of the moving goods. For this purpose, a list of the boxes or pieces of furniture to be transported is usually requested. A site inspection is also suitable for the calculation of a fixed price. This calculation should be done free of charge.

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