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What color you can paint the walls in the bedroom.

What Colors you can paint the walls in the bedroom Dubai UAE

When you are renovating in an apartment or private house, you have to face many interior decoration challenges. Often, repairing with your own hands makes it overlaps many pages of Internet magazines, search for the right solution Apply paint and select the desired flower area for walls and ceiling.

And when it comes to personal space, many do not know at all, in which color it is best to paint the bedroom. This is what we are talking about.

The Wall color selection procedure Ajman Sharjah

Choose colour

If you happened to encounter such a problem and you can not find solutions, then for starters, listen to your own wishes.

Someone like more pastel shades and calm Bright shades:
light green?
pistachio, etc.

And others prefer bold and sharp solutions:

Black and bright colors.
High-tech style and minimalism.
Modern youth direction.

Disparate overlays with patterns and elements of eclecticism.

Still very relevant today – stencils, with the help of which you can make Original interior Easy and without special financial expenses, as in the picture below. Well, if there is an artist in the family, this question is generally inappropriate and it is easy to change the decoration in the house at any time.

Light and shadow

And yet, what color to paint the walls in the bedroom, if nothing comes to mind? Pay attention to the location of the windows in the room.

If they are on the sunny side and the area is large, then you can experiment with shades and boldly combine the incompatible:

Black and white?
Bright red and purple?
Bold orange and brown.

Any ideas of painting walls in the bedroom located on the sunny side will be important, but also do not forget about the furniture. If you choose Dark tones For the walls, focus on light furniture or fabrics and vice versa.

Since you can even turn a large room into a dungeon, boring and uninteresting. That is why it is best for a start to look at the photo of finished rooms, which are many online and mentally submit this decoration to your home – suitable or not.

In the bedroom, in which it is always dark, you should paint the walls in soft lights and only slightly diversify the interior Bright tones In pictures or fabrics. And even more firefighters, teardrops and lighting, which will give the atmosphere of mystery and its style.

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Its color and diversity options

If you have decided on a shade and all think out, then it remains only to buy Required material And proceed to work.

The choice of paint coatings on the market is large and how to make the right choiceSo that the price and quality are not upset, and they are satisfied?

There is paint for the bedroom Water-based, acrylic, oil and alkyd. But it is worth choosing the most harmless option -. It is such a composition that can be changed in the color scheme, depending on their wishes in the working process.
Enough to buy White paint and the ball of different shades and then experiment with shades of what you can make an interesting and Amazing decoration In his home, envy to all.
This will bring in the process of repairing the children and at the same time painting walls in two colors in the bedroom will be an exciting game for everyone also Home decision . The photo shows how it is right and interesting to combine different shades in the room and what happens as a result.

The process of the work stages

To paint the walls in the bedroom brought joy not only from the result, but also from the process itself, you need to buy:

Make sure you paint ribbon for disinfection shops, ceiling, door openings and so on. The places that are undesirable to get paint.
Roller and. The roller is better to get not only single, but some Different size For ease of work.
Paint tray for each of those involved in repair work.

If there were wallpaper or paint on the walls, then it should be removed, clean the entire surface from paper and glue, cover with putty, clean and coat with a soil composition.

If you already know exactly, in what color to paint the bedroom, just apply the composition to the surface in 1, 2 or 3 layers in the following sequence:

1st layer vertically Thin layer using a roller.
Layer 2o horizontal grants.
3rd vertically again, trying not to make repetitive coatings and exclude Different thickness composition.
If the color is not clean enough, you can try different shades with a camera on a separate piece of cardboard and choose Suitable color For your room.


Repair in the apartment is always a problem, especially if you do it yourself. Do not be lazy and ask the Masters, how to paint and separate the surface in the bedroom or any other room, because black and yellow are poorly combined, and some color manufacturers must be neglected for interior decoration.

Our little teaching will help even beginners to understand how to paint the walls and which ones to paint in your house or apartment. There is nothing impossible, but modern technologies Let such troublesome repairs turn into Interesting game For the whole family, and at the same time, without harm to health.

In the video in this article you will find useful information about the repair and painting of bedrooms and walls in the rest of the premises. Do not be afraid of experiments, because everything can always be fixed and repainted in another color!

In the bedroom, a person rests and relaxes after a hard day. Therefore, it is so important when planning the design of this room to know, in what color to paint the bedroom photo. The bedroom should have an atmosphere contributing to a comfortable and warm rest in the evening and night. All the objects that are in the bedroom should like the host so that they do not cause irritation.

Before starting the repairs in the bedroom, it is necessary to clearly decide the color of the walls in the bedroom. Today, the market of colorful materials presents the widest range of all colors for any surfaces. You can export fashionable magazine design stores, you can trust your own intuition, and you can ask for help from professional designers. However, whichever way you choose it is important to stick General recommendation – For the bedroom, calm pastel light colors and warm tones are best suited.

Of course, bright colored solutions can be used if desired, but when choosing such shades, you should know how colors affect a person’s soul:

Blue shades – help to remove nervous stress, gently;
Green – remove mental fatigue of a person.
Red – possesses an exciting property, negatively acts the emotional state of a person, cause irritation and Negative emotions; Red – possesses an exciting property, negatively acts the emotional state of a person, cause irritation and Negative emotions?
Purple I. Purple Tones – cause discomfort and turbulent behavior.
Yellow – Increase the hormone of joy, apply soothing.
Orange – helps to create warmth and comfort, however, depending on the shade, it can cause a feeling of a cutting wall.
As can be seen, not all colors in pure can be used to design walls in the bedroom. However, properly chosen shades and various combinations of these colors will look good. It has important Correct selection of the shades of color so that as a result, they do not cause negative feelings from the main computer of the room. Given the opinion of interior designers, it is important to note that it is better to use pastel shades from the color range that the owner of the premises.

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