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Tips and checklist for your move

Tips and checklist for your move in Dubai

After extensive research, we have compiled all the important points for your move in Dubai UAE. Removals are stressful and nerve-wracking? Don’t worry, because now you have BrushandTools at your side. Whether it’s a company or a private move: stress is a thing of the past – today you can sit back and relax. We give you an overview of the tasks involved and provide you with what is probably the best moving checklist you can find on the web. All you have to do is go ahead and tick it off. Moving has never been so relaxed.

The first steps before Moving in Dubai

You were able to prevail in the applicant jungle and have just signed the lease for a new flat? Congratulations. But, from now on there will be no more breathers. Immediately after you have received the confirmation for the new flat, you should take care of the following things:

  • Set moving day: Apply to the employer for the public holiday.
  • Terminate the tenancy agreement: Observe the notice period of three months and send the notice of termination by registered mail. You can find a template for the notice of termination in our blog.
    planning your move: Consider whether you want to move with or without a removal company. For the latter, it is best to get moving quotes early and compare the prices.
    Final cleaning: If you don’t want to clean the flat yourself, get quotes for the final cleaning. Make sure that the cleaning company offers an acceptance guarantee. you can hire Deep cleaning Dubai for move-in and move-out cleaning services.

Four weeks before the move

  • Moving materials and packing materials: Organise moving boxes and other packing materials. If you rent a removal van yourself, get additional straps to secure the furniture in the van.
  • Damage and repairs: If necessary, report these to the liability insurance and the administration as early as possible.
  • Planning furnishings: Plan the furnishings of the new flat. When buying new furniture, make sure to plan the delivery dates generously.Cleaning out: Start cleaning out items now that you do not want to take with you to the new flat.

1 to 2 weeks before the move

  • No-stopping zone: Organise a no-stopping zone or reserve parking spaces at the old and new place of residence. Also inform your neighbours about the planned move.
  • Appointment for handing over the flat: Arrange the appointment for handing over the flat with the landlord.
  • Dismantle furniture and pack boxes: Empty drawers and pack the things you no longer need until the move. Dismantle furniture as soon as it is empty.Check keys: Check that you have all the keys together.Minor repairs: Organise minor repairs if necessary.

Change of address and reregistration

With the address changes, it’s down to the heart of the move.

  • Insurance, health insurance: Also check the providers
  • PostFinanceEmploymentTax officeSchool authoritiesDoctorsClubs, associationsElectricity, gas and water worksRoad traffic officeTelephone, cable, DSL: Note the notice period hereMail forwarding order: Set up the forwarding order at the post office or directly online no later than 4 days before the move.

Shortly before the move

  • Take over new flat: Check the condition of the flat with the management and make notes in the acceptance protocol.
  • Garbage bags and cleaning supplies: Organise cleaning supplies if you clean the flat yourself.
  • Suitcase/box with personal needs: Pack a box with the most important things for the first nights in the new flat. You can find a list of essential items in our blog.
  • Secure furniture: Protect fragile items and secure furniture so that drawers cannot open during transport.
  • Plants: Water your plants only a little and pack them so that they are safe for moving.Catering for removal helpers: Organise catering for removal helpers if you are not moving with a removal company.

The moving day

Were the last days exhausting and the nights bad? You have almost made it. Today you can pick up the removal van. If you are moving with a removal company, the removal men will come directly to you with the car. The loading of the vehicle should be thought through briefly: Heavy things down, what is needed first, pack last, and secure the load well. Once you arrive at your new home, you are the conductor: help the removal men to put boxes and furniture in the right rooms. In the meantime, you could already take down the meter readings for water, heating, and electricity.

After the move

  • Final cleaning: After the move, the old flat still needs to be cleaned. If you clean the flat yourself, it is easiest to do this a few days after the move.
  • Apartment handover: Check the old flat with the administration and sign the acceptance protocol.
  • Authorities and contractual partners: Report to the residents’ registration office, mobile phone provider, etc.
  • Damage during the move: If there was damage during the move with a moving company, report this to the company within 3 days.
  • Damage to the flat: If you subsequently discover damage to the flat, report this to the administration by e-mail.

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