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Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning – with this checklist it goes quickly

Decluttering your apartment, dusting, washing windows, cleaning the bathroom – are spring clean-ups getting on top of you? With a sensible plan, the right cleaning products in hand, and a positive attitude, you’ll get the big cleanup done in no time. Use our checklist and master your spring cleaning more quickly than you think.

Cleaning products and rubber gloves – the weapon against dirt

Cleaning agents and cleaning utensils – with this basic equipment you defeat mess and dirt in your home. It’s best to get all-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, scouring cream, cleaning cloths, etc. before you start your quick spring cleaning. Have everything on hand during the cleanup, so you don’t waste time shopping later. Alternatively, home remedies such as vinegar, baking soda or citric acid are perfect for cleaning. For little money you get so natural cleaning products.

It is the time to declutter

Spring cleaning is an ideal opportunity to declutter the apartment. With the first spring sun comes the desire and motivation to get rid of old baggage. All the items that have been just taking up space in your home for years, sell or dispose of them.

Sort through your clothes in the closets. An unwanted sweater or dress that’s been waiting two years to make a grand entrance is something you’ll quickly turn into cash online. Otherwise, put the clothes in a trash bag and take them to a used clothing container. Now is also the time to say goodbye to winter clothing. Pack the thick sweaters and coats in separate boxes or plastic boxes that can be conveniently stored under the bed, for example.

Clean windows and enjoy the spring view

The spring sun puts you in a good mood. Don’t let it be spoiled by fingerprints and a layer of dust on the window. Spring cleaning also means cleaning windows. It is best to plan a nice and dry, but not very sunny day for this. This way you will be able to enjoy streak-free windows in no time. The frames should also be taken into account when cleaning the windows. Dusty curtains must be removed before you start cleaning the windows. These can be easily washed in the washing machine.

Remove dust – now the mop comes into play

Where does the most dust collect? On furniture, pictures, lamps, doors – there are hardly any surfaces at home that are not covered by a gray layer of dust after just a few days. The best way to get rid of the dust is to use a wet mop or a feather duster. However, before you start, clear the surfaces to be mopped. You’ll finish faster if decorations, picture frames or books aren’t in your way. You can easily remove dust from houseplants with a soft cloth.

A layer of dust forms particularly quickly on electrical appliances. Televisions and computers attract dust particles, so of course it is not enough to dust them only during spring cleaning. An anti-static spray prevents dust collecting by leaving a thin, dust-repellent film on the devices.

Vacuuming and mopping the floor

The next step from a spring cleaning is to clean the floors. Take carpets outside to knock them down and clean them afterwards if necessary. Use a vacuum cleaner to rid the floor of dust. Then mop it with a floor mop or a wet cotton cloth. A wooden floor and laminate should not be mopped too wet. Otherwise, the floor can swell quickly. Mild cleaning agents are recommended for floors instead of aggressive chemicals. Here again natural and environmentally friendly home remedies can be used. With a few spoons of vinegar in the water you can achieve a clean result.

Spring cleaning in the kitchen and bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom can be cleaned more thoroughly than usual during spring cleaning. Empty the kitchen cabinets with supplies and kitchen utensils and wipe them from the inside. Check the food for the best-before date. On the tall cabinets, lamps as well as on the cooker hood not only dust collects, but also stubborn grease. To save yourself the trouble of rubbing with a sponge, simply use a grease remover.

Spring cleaning in the bathroom includes: cleaning the tiles on the walls, removing lime deposits and thoroughly cleaning the grout lines. For this purpose, use special cleaning agents, citric acid or baking soda mixed with water. An old toothbrush is perfect for cleaning the narrow grout lines.

Action “Spring cleanup” made easy

A successful spring cleaning should be well planned, but also safe. Mild cleaning agents protect the surfaces to be cleaned as well as your hands from skin irritation. Otherwise, thick gloves are indispensable. Once the house cleaning is done, you can finally enjoy a coffee break in the spring sun.

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