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New year new me, or how was that? You don’t have to reinvent yourself every year. Bringing some order into your life is usually enough. It is well known that starting small is the easiest. Therefore Brush and Tools this year are offering a spring cleaning in the cars Dubai! Because everyone can see it from the outside, a clean interior is (almost) only for you!

This is the best way to do it:

In the beginning, you need to remove all the coarse dirt. To do this, first, take all the floor mats out of your car, pat them down well, hose them down with the garden hose if necessary, and then let them dry in the sun. Now you can start vacuuming out your car. Start at the floor, work your way up to the seats and finally vacuum the dashboards, storage compartments, and controls. Don’t forget to change the attachments on your vacuum cleaner to make quick progress and still be thorough.


The best way to clean your cockpit is with a special cockpit spray. This is suitable surface care for car interiors. Use a microfiber cloth to clean your dashboard gently and effectively with the spray. The use of a cockpit spray shows some advantages compared to cleaning with lukewarm water: The spray has a color refreshing effect, gives your interior a pleasant fresh scent, is silicone-free, has UV protection, and is antistatic. The latter has the advantage that dust does not adhere to your fittings and they look clean for a long time. In addition, the spray protects all plastics inside the vehicle from premature aging due to embrittlement, drying out, cracking or fading. So this CT product is a real all-rounder!

Air conditioner

An air conditioner also needs to be cleaned. This process kills germs and reduces unwanted odor from the system. The best thing is that you don’t need a cloth or other cleaning utensils to use it, you just have to turn the air conditioner and the circulating air on and off according to the instructions. The can does its work in your car almost by itself. You should repeat the cleaning process of your air conditioner after six months.

Panes and mirrors

Of course, windows and mirrors are also part of a good car interior cleaning. Use a glass cleaner and, again, a microfiber cloth. With the windshield, it can be a bit tricky to really get all the corners and edges. It’s best to clean it from the passenger seat, as this gives you greater freedom of movement.

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Plastic cladding

For all other parts in the car that still need to be cleaned, an all-rounder like STALOC’s Power Foam is recommended. Thus, both displays, plastic trim, and seats made of leather or with a textile surface can be made clean. To do this, shake the can vigorously, spray the spray onto the desired areas, allow to act briefly and then wipe off.

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