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who is liable for damaged removal goods?

Who is liable for damaged removal goods – A Guide?

Hectic and stress are usually part of a move. In all the chaos of moving, damage to the furniture or the property can occur from time to time due to carelessness. Whether you damaged your inventory through your own fault or the moving helpers are responsible for the mishap – clarifying who is responsible for covering the costs is not always easy. Who is liable for moving damage? What to do if a mishap happens to you during the move? You can find out in our article.

Damage to the removal goods due to own fault

Briefly you were careless while carrying your furniture through a narrow staircase and already you have caused damage. Your dishes were so well packed in a box – unfortunately they fell down on the stairs. If you have caused damage yourself during the move, the household insurance or a private liability insurance will take effect here, depending on the situation. To find out which accidents are covered by your household insurance, it is best to ask your insurer before you move.

Damage during a move can occur not only to your inventory, but also to the property of others. When carrying bulky furniture, for example, walls or the stairs in the building can be damaged. This is where your liability insurance kicks in. Please note that the insurer must be informed immediately about damaged removal goods.

Damage caused by private movers

Many movers opt for private movers. This alternative is cheaper, but can result in a lot of trouble in case of moving damage. Most often, such assistance is not paid and is considered a friendly service, which is excluded from liability for accidents. Thus, in such cases, owners must pay for any damages incurred themselves. If friends or family members damage the furniture during an apartment move, then the cost coverage by a liability insurance is not necessarily assumed. It is best to clarify in advance whether this is also insured in the policy. If you have luxurious furniture and expensive electrical appliances to transport, you should rather rely on a move with professionals.

Damage to the inventory by a Moving Company Dubai

Even experienced movers do not always manage to completely avoid moving damage. Good news is that reputable moving companies are comprehensively insured for such cases. Therefore, it is advisable to pay attention to this when choosing a suitable moving service provider. As a rule, the moving company is responsible for any damage caused by its employees. In order to be able to prove the defects later, you should note them down on the work slip right away. You can also make a damage report together with the movers.

If damage to the removal goods has occurred during transport, this is usually also covered by the insurance of the removal company. In all cases of moving damage, a quick response is particularly important. If damage or loss is immediately apparent, then this must be reported on the day of the move, or the next day at the latest. Otherwise, a period of 14 days applies to notify the carrier of any damage that is not visible. After expiration of this period your claims expire.

In these cases a moving company is not liable for the damages

Some removal goods are excluded from liability for incurred removal damage according to the Commercial Code. This includes the transport of money, securities, documents, plants or animals, as well as electrical appliances. Some damages are beyond a person’s control and therefore cannot be blamed. If damage is caused by a storm or other force of nature, the moving company is not liable for the damage to the moving goods. Best Movers Ajman

A moving company is also not responsible for the damage to the household goods if they were not packed by its employees. If you own valuable items, transport them yourself with your own car, if possible. Otherwise, hand over both the packing and transportation of the inventory into the hands of professionals so that insurance coverage is in place. In some cases, it is worthwhile to additionally take out special transport insurance. This covers the costs of other moving damages, for example, if the value of your moving goods exceeds the legally regulated amount.

Removal damage can be avoided

Damage during a move occurs quickly. However, repairing the consequences is not always so quick and painless. As long as no valuable items are involved, the loss is still to be tolerated. However, if you lose something of high financial or emotional value, the displeasure is great. Take care of adequate insurance coverage or competent professionals to assist you in time. That way you can move without worries.

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