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Rat control in Dubai Sharjah and Ajman

Rat control in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman UAE

We at Brush and Tools Dubai are experts in rat control and know exactly what is important. Since rats are so-called “pack animals”, they rarely appear alone. The mammals are of particular danger to us humans, as they are hygiene pests and are also known to gnaw cables and electrical appliances and leave them defective.

These specimens can also transmit diseases. So if you suspect you have rats in or around your house, you’d better call the professional exterminators from Dubai UAE by Fix quickly. We take a structured and transparent approach to eliminating all pest problems. Rats are one of the most feared pests.

How do you recognize a problem with rats?

Our pest control experts in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman UAE, have summarized all the relevant signs of a rat problem for you. If you have some of these signs, you should act immediately before further damage occurs. Here are the most important signs:

The rats’ droppings: rats leave behind pieces of droppings up to 1.5cm long, usually lying next to each other in multiple forms.

Scratch marks: Rats also often leave traces of destruction and devastation on the floor, walls and furnishings. Early reaction is the order of the day here.

Smell: Rats also leave behind a strong smell, but many people do not notice it immediately. Many describe this smell as ammonia-like.

Noise: If rats scratch and scrape between our walls, this often creates a frightening feeling and little quality of life. Sleepless nights often follow.

Conclusion on rat control Dubai

Conclusion on Rats are a danger to us humans for many reasons. They transmit diseases, cause damage to walls and appliances and are among the worst hygiene pests.

So call the exterminators and rat control experts at Brush and Tools Dubai as soon as you can. Our staff know what to do and how to restore the quality of life in your home.

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