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Professional Carpenter Services Dubai Sharjah Ajman UAE

Professional Carpentry Service Dubai Shrajah Ajman UAE

Finishing interventions for the homes and Offices in Dubai UAE

Brush and Tools offers Professional Carpentry Service with furniture restoration, repair of wooden shutters, doors, windows, and shutters. The professionalism and competence of the House Repair Craftsman have always distinguished him for the work carried out mainly in private structures and apartments in Dubai Sharjah Ajman. It guarantees a reliable and complete service, aimed in particular at the satisfaction of all customers and the protection of the environments affected by the works. 

It offers high quality at very affordable prices. The craftsman offers solutions suitable for all needs, always trying to reduce processing costs through the reuse of pre-existing materials. One of the main strengths of his work is the restoration interventions carried out with skill and passion directly on materials already used previously and reprocessed, with specific resins.

The craftsman Service Dubai Sharjah Ajman

The Craftsman Services Dubai Sharjah Ajman UAE

And the company with qualified personnel for generations for repair services domestic, mainly carpentry. This business extends into the repair of parquet floors, grouting, and sanding surface painting of existing wooden floors. We also treat with traditional sanders the sanding, grouting, and polishing oxide powders of marble floors.

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Furniture disassembly / assembly Dubai UAE

This type of service is aimed at all those situations where the environment needs to be cleared for certain building works and reassembly at the end of the same. We can take care of the assembly of furniture in Dubai UAE you have purchased, installation or replacement of the tops of the kitchen, including the electricity and water connection service.

Repair doors and chairs at homes Dubai Sharjah Ajman UAE

We provide service for those who need to repair antique or modern chairs. We are able to repair quickly at home or in the laboratory, also taking care of the reconstruction of the decorations, where present.

Shutters, wooden windows and fixtures:

We carry out repair and replacement of roller shutters. We offer theral enameling service. take care of the windows with drafts of air, with new wooden counter blocks and rubber seals.

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