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Pest control in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman

Pest control in Dubai UAE: The most annoying pests

Here we provide an insight into the main tasks as pest control in Dubai and Sharjah and Ajman UAE. we subdivide according to pests that appeared most frequently in 2020 and caused people the most trouble. Our pest control experts in Dubai always aim to inflict as little damage as possible on the pests. Biological pest control as a company goal of Fix in Dubai Let us advise you in detail about your case in advance by phone or Whatsapp. We will make you a fair and non-binding offer and guarantee your satisfaction during and after completion of the job.

Wasp control in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman

Wasp nests always pose a very special challenge. As pest controllers from Dubai, we attach great importance to a healthy ecosystem and biological pest control.

We only act in cases where control is urgently necessary. The protection of humans always has been the highest priority. Wasps’ nests near day-care centers, old people’s homes, and hospitals can be very annoying and have serious consequences. Even in your own garden, it is not only children who can suffer allergic reactions from the stings.

If the exterminators from Fix are of the opinion that it is not necessary to control the wasps, we will inform you of this and cancel the order. However, this can usually be discussed and clarified over the phone. If in our opinion, it makes sense to relocate the wasps, our expert exterminators will help you quickly and recommend an inexpensive beekeeper. In all other cases, we will of course help immediately and provide fast and uncomplicated pest control.

Our service package

  • Fast and uncomplicated processing of the order
  • free consultation in advance
  • information about the pests
  • Professional removal of the wasp nest if required
Mice control in Dubai UAE

Mice control in Dubai and Sharjah

Mice can be a major health risk, especially in food establishments, as they quickly transmit bacteria and diseases. Because our core business is the support of numerous catering companies, we have specialized in mice control, among other things. In the future, we will also be launching our own control products on the market.

Contacting Fix in particular is very easy and uncomplicated. Already on the phone, we can tell you exactly what your problem is and make you an offer. In the following, you will find a more detailed overview of our services in the field of mice control.

Our service package

  • Strategy creation
  • Protection of your building
  • Training of exterminators
  • Installation of systems and traps
  • In severe cases: use of rodenticides
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Rat control in Dubai Sharjah And Ajman

Rat control in The rat genus comprises approximately 65 species worldwide. Particularly widespread are, among others, the species of Norway rat and the house rat. They usually build their burrows and shelters on the ground.

If you discover these animals in your immediate surroundings, you should be extremely careful. Not only do they cause damage to electrical appliances or cables, but they can also transmit a variety of pathogens and contaminate food in such a way that the health of humans and also pets are affected. This is why they are also considered a hygiene pest, just like mice. But why do the rats come to visit? Once again, food is responsible for this as an attractant. We often leave it uncovered and lying around in the open, which can be a real magnet for rats and mice.

To notice a rat infestation, you often have to look very closely. Smear marks, rat droppings, and gnaw marks can all be signs of an infestation. But don’t worry, our exterminators will be on site shortly to deal with any pests directly.

After a thorough inspection by our exterminators in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman UAE, control is initiated. Since the process of containment can also take a longer period of time, we will follow up at regular intervals.

Our service package

  • Strategy development
  • Building protection
  • Training of exterminators
  • Installation of traps
  • Severe cases: Use of rodenticides

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