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What paint colors for the design of the bedroom

What Paint colors for the design of the bedroom Dubai Sharjah Ajman

This post will help you to choose right bedroom paint colors for the beautiful interior. The choice of paint color depends directly on the characteristics of the bedroom, the personal desire of the owner and the financial possibilities. Thus, with color, you can change the interior image of the room – to make it visually more, to expand or narrow the walls, to create different effects. If the bedroom is small, then you can not use the color of dark and aggressive bright tones. For such a facility, the use of warm shades will be ideal. Also, painting walls can be combined with wallpaper that have horizontal patterns. This technique will visually create the effect of extending the walls of the room. In bedrooms Small size Most often used light brown, beige, pink shades.

If, along with painting, wallpapers are used, it is also important to understand that a small pattern on the wallpaper can visually expand the space, and large – on the contrary, compresses it. The modern fashion for minimalism did not pass and the design of the premises. So often in the bedrooms are used gray and white tones, which clearly make the room visually fresh and clean. However, it is still undesirable to use these colors for the fitting room because in this case it can look silent and uninviting. In case of acute desire, it is necessary to use such colors to combine them with brighter and vibrant shades.

So, why for the walls it is necessary to choose pastel colors:

They contribute to general relaxation and relaxation.
Such tones are suitable for the interior of any bedroom, and any bedroom is suitable for the design of walls with flowers.
They are neutral, and therefore will be enjoyed by all inhabitants of the apartment.
Long do not disturb.

Painting for walls in the bedroom

What kind of paint choose for a bedroom? There is a huge variety of all kinds of colorful materials on the market. In order not to get confused in such a quantity of colors and to receive it correctly, you need to know many of the necessary moments. Painting the walls in the bedroom is the interior work on the design of the design of the premises, so the interior color is required for the work indoors. There is no moisture in the bedroom, so you can choose paint, unstable to moisture. Since in the bedroom, we carry out quite a long time, you need to process the walls only with breathable vapor permeable paint.

Thus, we obtain the following characteristics of the colour we need:

For interior work, for wall design
For interior?
For interior design, for interior decoration, for designing wallpaper, for interior decoration, for interior design.

Water dispersible, i.e. water dispersible, i.e. Paint diluted with water, is completely safe for health.
The correct choice of paint largely determines the success in further treatment of the walls of the room.

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How to paint the walls in the bedroom: the best drawing

Decide with the color decision and the Required color optionThere is another question.

How to paint the walls in the bedroom:

Fashionable fashion magazines can see Various options Processing and painting walls. For example, the honeymooners’ bedroom can be issued in two Color gamma. Such an approach will add energy and vitality to the premises.
The bedroom for the girl can be arranged in light pink colors, for a boy – green or blue.
Another An interesting option The mural is the use of structural paint. When applied to such paint on the wall, the roller is given a certain structure or pattern using a special roller with a pattern.
To paint the walls of such a paint, you need to give it the desired shade with the help of a kola. Then, with the help of a conventional spatula, the paint is applied to the walls, and an already structural roller is moistened in water, the desired pattern is made.

Minimalism in everything

For several years in a row, this style as minimalism has not lost its popularity. It is characterized by a certain coldness and restraint.

The advantage of minimalism can be called its nobility. Usually, the interior in such a style combines shades of white and gray.

To diversify a minimalist bedroom, it is necessary to add its life with brighter tones. Do not be afraid of experiments, because gray looks organically with all bright colors.

The gray bedroom will calm down, will help restore nervous system. Ideal for a nursery if the baby is easily excited.

Sunny yellow inside

If life has lost color in your eyes, everything became boring and monotonous, try to make brightness in everyday things, for example, in the Flower Palette Your bedroom.

An interesting decision can be called the use of yellow, which is absolutely sick, tones, increases mood, promotes light morning wake-up light, helps workers of mental work.

In the room absolutely do not necessarily use acid shades, you can stay in a soft yellow palette, which gives relaxation and normalizes sleep.

So you can improve your well-being.

Those who love everything bright and rich, you can paint the walls in bright yellow, but at the same time dilute it with white or soft blue.

Ancient Chinese teachings
Feng Shui determines not only the location of objects, but also the right combination of shades. Perhaps you are relying on the wisdom of ancient China?

Then, when designing a room for sleep and rest, pay attention to the following points:

Use pastel shades.
Use pastel shades.
If you love pictures, let them depict romantic motives in them.
The cover that is on the bed must necessarily be bright, and the curtains are dark.
Think, in which your bedroom is, you may need to move to another room.
You will paint the walls according to the advice of the designer, oriented to your feelings or decide to use the scenes of Feng Shui.

What color to paint the walls in the rooms Dubai?

And the first question that occurs before the repair, is in what color painting the walls in the rooms:

First of all, the choice of shade for staining is due to the purpose of the room. First of all, the choice of paint is determined by the choice of the color of the room.

Also, the choice is influenced by the degree of glossiness of the wall coating. The fact is that matt and glossy colours look different with the same shade.
For rooms in which a calm atmosphere is planned, it is better to fulfill the finish with matte materials without gloss. The glossy color will find its use in rooms that are subjected to the constant influence of moisture and pollution.
Another factor consistent with the color is the type of lighting in the room. Natural and artificial light can prevent different surface design.

All these parameters qualitatively affect the visual perception of the finish, and an incorrectly selected paint solution can ruin even the most thoughtful interior.

How to choose the color of the walls for the bedroom?

As already mentioned in the recreation room, which is a bedroom, it is unacceptable to use too bright shades, irritating eyes. Therefore, the first rule: the color of the walls for the bedroom should be calm shades. However, if you wish, you can revive the interior by adding colorful accessories or painting one of the walls in a bright color.

Also, pay attention to how the windows of the room are oriented: the rooms on the north and west side, as a rule, suffer from a lack of natural lighting.Therefore Optimal choice For such bedrooms will become Warm tone Light shades: pastel, light gray, pink or beige.
For rooms with windows on the south side, the colors of cool tones (green, lilac, blue and others) are perfectly suitable, which significantly expands the scope of imagination.

But the most interesting can be the interior of the western bedroom, where the lighting allows you to use almost the entire color palette, including dark shades.
Another parameter to consider when choosing a tone for walls is the size of the room. It has long been known that for small rooms it is better to use light colors. While in a spacious bedroom, the finishing options are limited only by your imagination.

What is best to use the color of the walls in the living room?

The living room, being a great destination, gives a great space for imagination when interior design. Here apply both bright and calm shades, dark and bright shades, as well as almost all color gamut. However, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules when choosing a wall color in the living room, so that the room did not then look too catchy, alien or distracting.

First, choose a shade that he really likes. Walls painted in a useless color will act oppressively and will eventually ruin the whole impression of the repair only. In order for the room not to seem boring, he does not use one color, but two or three tones. They can be contrasting, harmonious (combined) or have a shade of one color. And do not hesitate to apply the original accessories, but observing their reasonable amount.

Also, designers advise to create a vertical transition from a dark shadow to Light bloom. Simply put, the floor should be dark, the ceiling lighting and the walls of the middle shadow, which harmonizes with both horizontal surfaces.

Choose the color of the walls in the kitchen

Today, several wall color variations are possible in the kitchen. Traditionally, this room uses calm blond tones: greenish, blue, pastel and other shades. What to choose depends first of all on your preferences, as in the kitchen we spend a lot of time and, at the very least, it should be comfortable.

The kitchen also complies with all of the above rules for choosing paint for walls. But the deciding factor should be the atmosphere you want to create in this room.

Kitchen for you WORKING SPACEwhere food is prepared and no more? Then use cold or accents or bright colors.
Do you like to make gatherings for a common table? Choose warm shades that give the comfort of the room.
To liven up the interior, use various Design solutionsAnd perhaps one of the most successful are designs on the walls that will be mentioned later. And now it is worth saying how the process of painting the walls themselves.

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