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Our tips against ants in the house

Our tips against ants in the house. Your exterminator in Dubai UAE

We all know the problem. read guide to pest control in Dubai UAE. You leave the window or door open for a moment and you have an uninvited visitor. Ants are so small and agile that you often discover them late and don’t even know that you have ants in your house. This automatically raises the question of how to get rid of them. Below we give some tips against light ant infestations. For more severe problems, we strongly recommend professional help with specific products.

What ants can do in the house

But once the little animals have found their way into the house, they can become very annoying and cause damage. Ants are storage pests that prefer to feed on sugary and protein-rich foods. They can also transmit germs. Infested food should therefore be disposed of.

In the following, we have listed some home remedies that can eliminate light infestations of ants in the house. Against heavy infestations, these remedies are usually not sufficient. In this case, you can ask us for advice without obligation. Fix Schädlingsbekämpfung specialises in the removal of pests.

Vinegar The smell is not only unpleasant for humans, but also for ants.

Lemon The smell is very intense for the pests

Cinnamon Cinnamon also smells very intense

We will be happy to advise you individually and free of charge in advance. Pest control in Dubai UAE from competent hands.

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