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The Awesome End of the Year AKA New Year cleaning Checklist

The New Year cleaning checklist will help you clean your places for the new year quite easily. The holidays are coming to an end and its year-end as well as a new beginning, the flawless period of the year to get your house and office space cleaned in order with our “awesome” house cleaning checklist. It includes cleaning tasks that are significant, but frequently ignored or put off until another day and then elapsed.

All over the House Cleaning Dubai

  • Dust fans.
  • Clean lamp shades and lamps.
  • Vacuum curtains
  • AC duct cleaning.
  • Wipe door handles and light switches..
  • Thoroughly wash and disinfect trash cans.


  • Clean food store and cabinets and removeout-of-date items.
  • Use baking soda in your garbage disposal to remove odors.
  • Clean the oven
  • Wipe down appliances
  • Clean under the refrigerator and vacuum out the refrigerator vent.


  • Wash shower curtains and bath mats.
  • Clean shower heads with warm water and vinegar.
  • Take away drain stoppers and clear buildup.
  • Sterilize your toilet bowl brush.


  • Thoroughly clean all bedding items, including dust ruffles and mattress pads.
  • Replace dirty or worn pillows.
  • Dust or wipe down bed frames.
  • Vacuum under the bed and inside box.

Office Cleaning

  • Clean under and behind desks.
  • Wipe down printers and monitors and clean beneath them.
  • Clean and disinfect keyboards and computer mice.

Want to Add Your Home’s professional cleaning and painting to the House Cleaning Checklist?

If you’d like to have a professional cleaning, deep cleaning session, or painting for your home to look just as good as newly finished, we’d love to provide you with a free estimate. Brush and Tools specializes in deep cleaning, window cleaning, house washing, and Residential Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning and Painting Services

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