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Tips for Labeling Moving Boxes appropriately

Labeling moving boxes before move helps you to well manage your things before and after a move. Moving boxes are an indispensable helper for moves of all kinds. No matter if you move within your city, change the state or emigrate abroad, stable and well-labeled moving boxes must not be missing. Hire the best movers and packers Dubai Sharjah and Ajman UAE.

While most people approach the packing of the boxes with enthusiasm, the unpacking of the moving goods is already less popular. Sometimes you don’t even know in which box you packed what and you quickly lose track of your belongings.

In this guide, we will give you tips and tricks that will help you pack and unpack your boxes in no time. We also explain how to save time and pack even large quantities of moving boxes with structure.

Choose high quality boxes

Moving costs a lot of money. Many people therefore try to save money on moving boxes. But inferior quality takes revenge when moving. Therefore, you should rather invest in some good moving boxes, which are made of sturdy and stable cardboard and can be folded in a few simple steps. Particularly well suited here for moving boxes from the hardware store, which also have handles and can be optimally labeled thanks to note fields.

If you don’t have the opportunity to buy moving boxes from the hardware store, you can also have them conveniently delivered directly to your home by various shipping service providers via the Internet. High-quality moving boxes are also characterized, above all, by the fact that they can be stacked without any problems. The foldable lid of the box should therefore be such that it can withstand the weight of boxes placed on top of it without any problems.

Our tip: professional moving companies offer their clients to organize the packing material for the move. We at Mars Umzüge are also happy to take care of ordering sturdy moving boxes and additionally take care of packing your moving goods into the ordered boxes.

How to properly label moving boxes?

When you have enough moving boxes ready, you can start labeling. For this purpose, you should choose a black felt-tip pen that is easy to read. Nothing is more impractical during a move than a hard-to-read label on the boxes. Accordingly, a thin ballpoint pen or even pencil is not suitable for properly labeling your boxes.

A moving box conveniently has several sides. Take a moment more and carefully label each side of the box with an abbreviation that you have previously determined. For this, it is also recommended to think about how you want to label your boxes before you start labeling. We recommend that you first think of abbreviations for each room.

How do I actually pack a moving box correctly?

Just as important as the correct labeling of the moving boxes is, of course, sensible packing. The boxes should not be loaded too heavily, so that on the one hand the movers do not carry heavier than necessary and the boxes are easier to stack. Overloaded boxes also tend to break more quickly or, in the worst case, break through to the bottom.

This happens especially when you load a carton to the top with heavy books.

The cartons should be packed sorted by room. Many people swear by creating what is called a priority box per room. This box contains all the items that you could use first immediately after moving in. The box for the kitchen does not contain an old china set that you inherited from your grandmother, but rather important cleaning utensils, towels and sponges. Even if you have all the boxes properly labeled, packing priority boxes will save you from searching for the box that contains the item you need.

Our tip: when you are in the process of packing your moving items into boxes, always label the boxes directly. It’s all too easy to forget to write down the contents on the box once it’s been stowed. This can save you valuable time and avoid tiresome searching and rummaging through boxes.

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