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This is how window decorations Dubai look mega

Floral, playful, plain or opaque. Curtains and drapes come in all sorts of colors, patterns, shapes, lengths. Often the window decorations Dubai appears in the form of curtain-curtain combinations.

At will, as a discreet and translucent variant or with curtains that can be closed behind the curtain sometimes opaque. The decisive factor is that curtains and drapes stylishly enhance any room and create great optical accents at the window – if…
Yes, …if they also look really top and well-kept. Without wrinkles, without grayed dust deposits, without somehow hanging crooked and scheps.

Choose the right mounting method

Curtain rods are the classic, because the curtains or curtains with loops, eyelets or pull-through holes can be easily attached and replaced there. They are mounted about 10-15 cm above the window frame, for a curtain-curtain ensemble there are also double-bar variants. If necessary, clamp rods can also be attached without drilling.

Attach curtains to rail systems directly under the ceiling looks discreet, brings the look of the curtain to the forefront and brings atmospheric peace especially in rooms with low ceilings. The curtains can be attached to the sewn-in curtain tape by means of hooks and sliders or clamps. Wavy or pleated tapes on the upper hem additionally ensure a beautiful fall of the curtains or drapes. Panel curtains, on the other hand, are attached by fastening them to so-called panel carriages of the rail system.
In any case, rail systems score points for the fact that curtains and drapes, even in double or triple rails, can be easily pushed to the side and opened or closed.

Alternatively, you can resort to wire rope systems, that is, a taut wire on which small hooks are hung. However, this very minimalist option for mounting curtains is suitable only for light fabrics.

Straightforwardness pays off

All ready – and then you notice that the curtain rod or suspension is crooked. This annoyance can be avoided by exact prior measurement – and use of a spirit level. In old buildings, on the other hand, it is often better to adjust the curtain rods to the slope of the ceiling and install them accordingly (important: this must be observed when measuring the curtains or drapes). Even in rooms with sloping ceilings or slanted windows, the curtain dimensions must be beveled to ensure successful, parallel hanging and, if necessary, a specialist must be consulted to take measurements.

Weight as a heavy vice

The larger and heavier a curtain is, the more the curtain rod or rail is loaded. It is advisable, especially for wide window decorations Dubai fronts, to fix the device not only on the left and right (with some overhang on both sides of the window), but also in the center.

Neat fabric

Before hanging the curtains or drapes, it is always worth checking the fabric for possible wrinkles and ironing again if necessary. Only in this way curtains get the perfect fall and curtains the look that really works (attention, pay attention to ironing instructions so as not to iron too hot!).

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