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Out with your old – How to remove carpeting Dubai

Yellowed, stains that would not come out – and simply old. The aging Dubai carpeting finally needs to remove. But what’s the best way to tackle it? Was the carpet glued back then? With adhesive tape or with glue after all? In brush and tools Dubai tips and tricks, we’ll tell you how to find out and how to get rid of your old carpet in no time at all and with as little residue as possible.

Do not cut wildly – remove carpet properly

Before the carpet is tackled, its “collar” must be removed. This refers to the baseboard, which must necessarily come out first before working on the carpet. If you are lucky, the skirting boards are only screwed in place. If they are glued, however, you must first use the putty knife to carefully loosen the glue behind the baseboard and then bend it forward with light pressure. In most cases, the skirting boards can be removed from the wall perfectly in this way.

What was that again? What is the carpet glued to?

Adhesive tape or glue, water-soluble or waterproof? A good question, but it is easy to solve: In one corner of the room, start pulling on the carpet. If it comes off: perfect. If it is more stubborn than expected, the corner of the carpet is sprayed with warm water. Then wait an hour for the water to soak in.
If the corner can be removed without any problems after soaking, soak the entire carpet with water. But be careful not to make it too wet! Then it is best to work in strips: Cut the carpet with a sharp carpet cutter into sections about 30 centimeters wide, then proceed with a strip on the wall, starting strip by strip, and tear out or pull out the carpet strips. Read tips on Carpet Cleaning in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman UAE.

The problem: waterproof glue

If nothing comes loose even after soaking the carpet, only “heavy equipment” will help: A so-called stripper is needed – no, not what you might think. The stripper is a piece of equipment that is not really worth buying – so a combination stripper can simply be borrowed from TTL/TTM. The device works much like a scraper. The blade is used to push the stripper across the floor, removing the carpet along with all adhesive residue.

Important: remove all residues

If the old adhesive residues are not completely removed, there is a risk of mold or adhesive bubbles forming. If bubbles form, this can not only quickly become ugly, but above all hazardous to health. The service to remove old floor coverings really professionally and safely without residues is also offered by TTL/TTM – and then prepares the floor immediately for the planned new covering.
But there are also a few home remedies that, in the case of water-soluble carpet adhesives, will help you really get rid of any residue from the old carpet: A little water with dishwashing liquid is one of them. However, the dishwashing liquid needs to soak in for about an hour, which means the method is a bit tedious and definitely time-consuming. And: If the wetness went through too much, please be sure to dry out any damp screed before laying a new floor over it.

Carpet solvents containing nitro are also often recommended, although here, too, it is necessary to work laboriously with a spatula. The carpet residues must then be scraped off on your knees until they have completely disappeared. But be careful not to inhale the solvents too much – it’s best to work with the windows open or with a mask on, so as not to endanger your health. Faster is also here with practical equipment that can be borrowed: The stripper loosens the carpet residues, and a grinder with a star cutter removes adhesive residues. These are virtually the most radical, but simply the most effective tools.

The right choice of new carpet

Carpet stuck like gum or was more stubborn to remove than a cold? If so, be sure to look for a good coating on the underside and choose a removable, non-waterproof adhesive when buying a new carpet. This will allow you to continue to enjoy the benefits of carpeting and still not have to dread the work of replacing carpeting in the future.

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