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Moving house in Milan is anything but a trivial task: it often requires energy and time that you do not have, as well as professional organisation. In particular, the activity that can be most difficult to deal with is waste disposal, especially of the boxes you have used. That’s why relying on an external company is the best choice: they will guarantee professionalism and organisation, making the move quick and easy.

Waste disposal: Do’s and don’ts

Moving house can be a good time to get rid of all those objects in your home or office that you no longer use. Furniture, tools of various kinds, clothes: you have to analyse each object and find out if it is really useful in the future. What you do not want to keep can be disposed of, making the move easier and freeing you from unnecessary items.

Relying on specialised operators is the best move. They are often able to make the difference between an optimised waste disposal and a sloppy and superficial one. An authorised company will not only dispose of the waste in an environmentally friendly manner in landfills, but will also be aware of the current municipal regulations, which will make it much easier to comply with without incurring illegality.

Equally problematic is the disposal of the boxes used to pack your personal belongings. Filled and shortly afterwards emptied, these boxes must be immediately flattened to free up space for other items. In this case, too, an external company is the best choice: very often this is the same company that has also handled the move, thus guaranteeing a complete service, capable of responding efficiently to every phase of the work.

Organising your move

Moving requires a great deal of prior study: the decisive moment is not the emptying of boxes, but the preparation of the logistics of the move. Let’s take a look at two fundamental steps for an efficient move:

The choice of boxes: this is the first step if you want to save as much time as possible. It may seem like a trivial step, but choosing the best boxes will make the move as efficient as possible. It is preferable to use boxes with handles and an automatic bottom, for easy transport and particularly suitable for moving.
Cataloguing each box: this is the decisive step, which will ensure that the move goes ahead in an orderly and therefore efficient manner. You should try to be as precise as possible in order to save time when arranging things in your new home or office.

Moving requires meticulous organisation and a lot of time and effort. Doing it with care and relying on professionals is the best choice.

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