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smallest home really cozy

How to Design the smallest home really cozy

Design the smallest home presents financial and creative challenges, especially for students and trainees, Whether it’s a 1-room apartment or a small shared room. Antonia – our business administration real estate student – experienced exactly that and shares her tips and tricks with which she managed to turn her room into a home. Hire Deep cleaning Ajman.

Many say that a 10 m2 room is not enough to feel comfortable and live. I saw it differently, dared the experiment, and moved into just such a small room. Now I was faced with the challenge of accommodating all my belongings there. I quickly realized that proper planning is the key. Here are my tips for you:

Tip 1: Think about what is important to you

The first question I asked myself was: What do I really need? I planned my everyday life and in the process crystallized what will be important. Compromises helped me in this process. So if you want a big bed, the desk might have to be smaller. Could you live with that?
In addition, a small room should be kept tidy, otherwise, it will quickly look cluttered and the bad mood will set in. Seasonal planning can also help: Keep winter clothes well packed in the basement during the summer, and clean them out regularly.

Tip 2: Make good use of available space

The next big problem with small rooms and apartments is finding enough storage and space. Closet doors do not make life easier in small spaces. Closets should be designed in an open way to avoid the problem with doors. Multifunctional furniture can also be a solution. For example, I opted for a bed with drawers. This way I gained additional storage space. Sloping ceilings and niches can also be wonderfully used as additional storage space – especially if you are planning for height. In addition, fold-away furniture or furniture with wheels is more than practical and can create space when it is needed.

Tip 3: Create “new” spaces

In a 1-room apartment, everything takes place in one place – both a curse and a blessing. Room dividers can help here to create their own small areas. It is also helpful to draw new levels, for example, by adding a loft bed. This creates a new floor in a room that can be used as a bedroom or living room.

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Tip 4: Use colors cleverly

White walls have the reputation of being boring. However, light colors, especially white, intensify daylight and make a room look bigger. Pastel colors and natural tones work just as well. However, I find that the room does look more homey and friendly. If you want to simulate additional depth, dark contrasts can help. However, it is important that the colors match the furniture and that there is no mix of styles.

Tip 5: Use discreet decoration

To feel really comfortable, you can not do without decoration. You should stay true to one style and coordinate colors. Otherwise, it looks restless, cluttered, and untidy. Maybe a large wall mirror is something for you? In my room, it looks like a door to another room. Likewise, floor-length curtains, which are placed wider than the window, bring more height and width to the room. To create more warmth, I try to use a lot of light and lamps. Recently, a string of lights has been hanging above the bed – especially in the evening, this creates a cozy atmosphere.

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