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This is how spring cleaning succeeds

This is how spring cleaning Dubai succeeds with only four cleaning agents

Spring is just around the corner and the apartment should be really clean. But what’s the best way to go about it and what’s the quickest way? We at Brush and Tools have the best tips for spring cleaning in Dubai UAE!

Whether it’s a house or an apartment, a single household, a shared apartment, or a large family: spring cleaning should not be missing from any cleaning schedule. Here you’ll find helpful tips on the process and how to get by with just four cleaning products.

Spring cleaning step 1: Clean up the apartment

Before you face obstacles when vacuuming, it is recommended to clean up the entire apartment in advance. Go through the rooms once, including the bathroom and kitchen, and put all the movable elements from the floor to the top. If your chairs can be stacked, perfect – that way you’ll have a clear path for the vacuum cleaner later. If you really want to take spring cleaning Dubai seriously, put the curtains in the washing machine now and do the window cleaning and dust removal at the same time as washing the curtains.

Spring cleaning Dubai step 2: Vacuuming and mopping living rooms and bedrooms

Afterward, you can comfortably work your way through the living room and bedroom with the vacuum cleaner. Tip: If you want to buy a new vacuum cleaner, you should pay particular attention to a low wattage (saves electricity costs) and the decibel level (it gets very quiet below 65 decibels).

First dry, then wet: clean your tiles as usual with a squeegee. If the wooden flooring is installed, do not wipe too wet under any circumstances (better: damp to the touch) and, depending on the type of parquet, add care oil to the water to prevent damage to the floor covering. Tip: For a normal household, four different cleaners are usually enough – all-purpose cleaner, scouring powder, washing-up liquid, and vinegar cleaner.

Spring Cleaning Dubai step 3: bathroom and kitchen

Since you are always fetching water and disposing of dirt in the bathroom and kitchen while cleaning, save these spaces for last.

Tip: Do not use abrasive cleaners on tiles! Due to the aggressive ingredients, you will roughen the surface and even more, dirt will collect on the tiles. Dirty and calcified grout lines can easily be cleaned with baking soda (for this purpose, put baking soda on a damp sponge). Baking soda is also suitable for many other things in the household. Book Deep Cleaning Service Dubai.

In addition to the usual cleaning of the sink, shower or tub, and the toilet, spring cleaning Dubai is particularly suitable to pay attention to long-forgotten places:

  • Remove dust threads and cobwebs from ceilings and walls
  • Clean ventilator in interior bathrooms and replace dust fleece
  • remove hair from drains
  • Dust and clean lamps
  • Decalcify shower head (tip: wrap shower head in a bag of vinegar and let it soak overnight)

In the kitchen to consider during spring cleaning Dubai

In the kitchen, too – in addition to regular cleaning of surfaces (for example, countertops), cleaning the sink, and cleaning the stove – it is worth looking at the details:

Decalcify the faucet (tip: as with the showerhead, vinegar also helps here; simply soak a cloth in vinegar and then tie it directly to the end of the faucet with a rubber band and let it soak in).
Replace the filter of the cooker hood.
Clean out the refrigerator (tip: smaller plates and containers can often be put in the dishwasher)
Defrost and clean the freezer
Clean oven, including tray and rack (tip: for burnt-on food, simply mix baking soda with water and let it soak overnight)

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