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How much does an exterminator cost?

How much does an exterminator cost?

In this blog post, we will address precisely this question, which probably occupies countless people all over Dubai every day. I can say in advance that a concrete figure cannot be given here. There are simply too many factors that determine the price. But we at Fix guarantee one thing: absolute transparency and fair prices. Thanks to our network of competent exterminators in Dubai UAE and the surrounding area, we can always guarantee quick and short journeys. So there are no nasty surprises when you receive your bill. We already give clear information on the phone about the costs the customer should expect. Due to our short journeys, there are no expensive prices for the journey. In the following, we examine the decisive price factors for an exterminator.

The type of pest is a deciding factor for the price

An example illustrates this factor quite well: Let’s assume you have a problem with silverfish in the bathroom, which only occur in one place. A problem that can be remedied by a competent exterminator in a short time and with little effort. In contrast, many customers call us for help because of mice and rats. Here the problem is more complicated, as mice and rats are much more intelligent and difficult to control. It is their excellent senses that enable them to survive almost anywhere. Especially in the case of rodent problems, the exterminator should always check whether all specimens have really disappeared. Of course, a pest infestation with silverfish is much quicker and easier to control – This also results in a smaller price in the end than with other pests.

The size of the pests also plays a role

Not only the type of pest, but also the number determines the price. For example, 500 wasps are naturally more work than 10. Many of the pests known in Dubai multiply extremely rapidly. So you should always report a problem with rodents, insects or other pests early enough. Otherwise, expensive prices will quickly arise.

What does an exterminator cost? We advise you free of charge

Do you currently have a problem with pests at home or at work, but don’t want any nasty surprises regarding the costs? Then simply call us for a no-obligation consultation. Simply tell us about your situation and we will send you our initial price proposals. Fair, competent and fast. The exterminators from Fix in Dubai, Sharjah And Ajman UAE.

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