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how to hire a company for a move

When to hire a company for a move in Dubai Sharjah Ajman?

You have decided to move and want to look for a moving company in Dubai to help you? Then it is, of course, important for you to know when is the right time to hire Movers and Packers Dubai UAE for your own move.

In this guide, we will give you valuable tips on how to organize your move in time and reveal when you should hire your moving partner so that everything can be done stress-free.

Get an overview of your relocation project

Anyone who has ever moved knows that good movers are essential. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to get help from family members or friends. It’s a good thing that there are many moving companies on the market that offer their help for a smooth move.

However, while some movers promise to make moves on short notice, other movers require a lead time of 1-2 months. In order to calculate exactly when you should contact your desired moving company, you need to know, for one thing:

  • which services are to be used
  • how many kilometers the distance from A to B is
  • in which month/season you want to move
  • how many goods are to be transported.

Mars Removals – We speak from experience

As a Dubai moving company with an eye on the wishes of our customers, we at Mars are of course well informed about how a stress-free move should be planned. So you should definitely choose a fixed date for your move or ask your new landlord about it

This date usually falls at the end of the month or the 15th of the month if you are moving into a rental property. If you are moving into your own home, setting a date for moving in is usually more flexible.

Now let’s look at the exact factors that tell us when to hire a moving company:

Move abroad?

The moving date plays a particularly important role if you are planning a move abroad. If you want to pull down your tents in Dubai and start anew abroad, it is important that the moving company or the moving forwarding agency should be commissioned a few weeks or 3-4 months in advance, respectively, so that the transport can be planned.

Moving during the high season?

The period from the end of March to the end of August, nationwide holidays, and weekends are popular times to move. If you want to move within this period, you should inform the moving company about two months before your planned moving date. If you wait until the month before your move to find a moving company, I will have to settle for whatever moving-related appointments are available.

During the week, outside of nationwide holidays, and in the fall and winter months, you should still inquire about the moving service provider four weeks before the move.

Relocation within your own city or other state?

For a city move, it is absolutely sufficient to look for a moving partner two weeks before the moving date. If you want to be on the safe side, take care of the research for a reliable partner in advance.

A move within one’s own federal state should be announced to the desired moving partner four weeks before the move. To be on the safe side moves from one state to another should always be booked eight weeks before the move date, and twelve weeks in the summer.

What you should definitely consider when planning your move

Decisive about how early you should take care of the moving organization is always the scope of the move. Depending on whether your belongings are to be moved from a 2-room apartment or a single-family house from A to B, time must be planned accordingly. If you also need a company that specializes in special transports and heavy transports, more time should also be planned.

By the way, many moving service providers are particularly flexible if only the loading & unloading of the transporter and the pure transport is used. If you want to outsource the entire move to a moving expert, he needs more time to be able to plan accordingly staff.

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