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Five repair tips from the janitors Dubai

Helpful, dedicated, and always with the right tools: over 350 janitors make sure everything runs smoothly in their neighborhoods. But you don’t need a professional right away for every problem in your apartment. We have five things from janitors tips Dubai for you that you can take care of quickly and easily yourself.

Is the heating only lukewarm or the waste water doesn’t want to drain properly? You don’t need to call in a handyman for that. Many small repairs in the house can be done quickly and easily by yourself. This is one of them:

Make tap water bubble again

When the water doesn’t want to flow properly anymore, the faucet is often calcified.
Here’s how to fix the problem: Use a pipe wrench to unscrew the aerator at the end of the faucet. This is the regulator that adds air to the water stream. Place this component with its strainer in a solution of vinegar or citric acid overnight. This will dissolve the lime from the aerator and let it do its job again.

It even works without screws: fill a small plastic bag or a balloon with vinegar or lemon water and attach it so that the calcified component is wetted.

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Clean drain without chemistry

The longer the hair, the denser the drain. Quickly, the water in the shower and tub can no longer drain properly. In this case, you do not have to immediately call the plumber or reach for the chemical club. The drain pipe can often be cleaned with the mere pressure of the water.

Hire Deep Cleaning Dubai

Here’s how: Unscrew the showerhead from the hose and turn the water on full. While the shower or bath water is draining, hold the hose to the drain and use the stream to clear the sides of debris. When a visible suction forms over the drain, it is working properly again. These janitors tips for Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman will help you save lots of money although.

Silencing squeaky doors

Anyone who lives in an old building knows the problem: The door hinges and windows creak and squeak. But there’s a simple remedy for the squeaking: Apply a little machine grease or Vaseline to the hinges, and the metal parts will no longer rub against each other but will glide on a film of grease. A door is best hung a small piece or completely off its hinges. Of course, this is much easier with two people.

Vent radiator to heat up

Radiator to ADIs it getting cold outside and it’s not warm inside despite the heating being turned up? Especially at the beginning of the heating season, the air in the radiator prevents the water necessary for heating from being distributed.

To bleed the air, you need pliers or a square wrench, and a small container to catch the water. Use it to carefully and slowly turn on the bleed valve on the end fitting on the radiator. You will hear the air escape. When all the air has escaped, water will come out.

Repair wobbly window handles

A somewhat wobbly window handle doesn’t need to be replaced right away, often all you need to do is tighten it. Set your window to open. In this position, your window handle will be transverse. Now you will see a plastic or metal cover on the handle fitting. Most of the time, you can put it crosswise as well by simply turning it to the left. Now you can see the two screws that tighten the window handle above and below. Now try to tighten the screws again. However, tightening the screws with feeling, so that the threads are not damaged.

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