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Moving: The best tips

Dubai Sharjah and Ajman Moving: The best tips

What needs to be done when so that the move doesn’t turn into stress? If you follow our checklist of Dubai Sharjah Ajman moving tips, you’ll get through the move without stress. By the way: Our experienced colleague has a few personal moving tips for you below!

Dubai moving checklist and Tips

Off to new shores: A move is always a big project for us! And there’s so much to consider – with our handy checklist you won’t forget anything important!

About a month before the move

Announce your new address: Great! You have a new address! You shouldn’t keep it to yourself, but share it with many people as soon as possible. From the bank to the newspaper delivery service, you can now cheerfully repeat: “Hello, my new address isā€¦”. You don’t even have to re-register – you can tell many people your new address earlier! This little overview will help you not to forget anyone:

Contracts around the flat

  • Provider of fixed network connection and possibly internet connection (re-register or apply for a new connection)
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water
  • District heating


  • Road traffic office, to change vehicle registration
  • Tax office
  • Kindergarten/school
  • Possibly the employment agency
  • By the way: You should only officially re-register at the Residents’ Registration Office after you have moved.


  • Health insurance
  • Third-party liability
  • Household contents
  • Motor vehicle liability insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Occupational disability insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Household contents insurance
  • Possibly further


  • Current account
  • Credit cards (if separate from bank)
  • Deposits
  • Building society savings contract


  • Fee contribution service (formerly GEZ)
  • Mobile phone provider
  • Doctors
  • Tax consultant
  • Lawyer
  • Subscriptions
  • Memberships (e.g. fitness studio, club)
  • However, it usually happens that some institutions slip through the cracks in the rush to move. Therefore, it is definitely worthwhile to apply for a redirection at the post office. This way, nothing gets lost and you can gradually inform all senders about your new place of residence.

Dubai Sharjah Ajman UAE Moving tips: The preparation

  • Tidy up and clear out! Clear out the cellar and floor. Remember: less is sometimes more. Discover minimalism as a lifestyle for yourself! šŸ˜‰ Sell valuable things (moving costs will be high enough).
  • Sell valuable things (moving costs will be high enough)
  • Either move the bulky waste already or make an appointment.
  • Hire a transporter or a haulage company
  • Start with cosmetic repairs
  • Apply to your employer for special leave
  • Apply for no-stopping signs for the day of the move (the removal company may do this)
  • Agree on a handover date for the old and new flat
  • Organise a babysitter if necessary
  • Ask friends to help out (or hire a removal company).
  • If you are moving because of your job: Decide whether you want to collect receipts for your tax return or whether you would rather use the flat-rate allowance for moving costs (if necessary, ask a specialist).

Dubai Moving tips: About two weeks before

  • Continue decluttering (do you really need that popcorn machine?)
  • Start packing. If possible, label the boxes so that a) the removal helpers or professionals from the removal company know which room to put them in and b) you can keep track of what is in which boxes.
  • Empty the freezer and defrost the freezer afterwards.

Sharjah Moving tips: About a week before

  • Dismantle furniture. Label the parts with a pencil and collect the screws in small bags and attach them directly to the respective part.
  • Protect sensitive floors such as parquet and laminate with cardboard or similar material so that they do not get too scratched during the sometimes hectic work.
  • Get enough rubbish bags and cleaning agents.
  • Draw up furniture plans for the new flat
  • Pack a toolbox

Ajman Moving tips: One day before

  • Buy drinks and snacks for the removal helpers or employees of the removal company.
  • Pack the last, important things, e.g. important documents, valuables, essentials for feeling good (cuddly pillow, perfume, toothbrush)
  • Lay out clothes for moving day, perhaps an outfit for the day after
  • Defrost the fridge
  • Pack plants, smaller ones in boxes with newspaper as a buffer
  • Put out first aid box, plasters on top
  • Have a toolbox ready
  • Cover delicate floors
  • Pick up removal vehicle

UAE Moving tips: On moving day

  • Read the meters (water, electricity, gas, district heating)
  • Prepare snacks (the classic: sandwiches or potato salad with sausages)
  • Instruct private helpers or employees of the forwarding agency, especially pointing out breakable items
  • Remove doorbell and door signs

In the new flat

  • Report to the residents’ registration office within one week of moving in.
  • Prepare a housewarming party
  • Organise a grand thank-you dinner for all helpers.
  • To keep things tidy in your new flat, try tidying up using methods such as death cleaning or the Konmari method.
  • You can find another moving checklist here.

Book tip

“Das Umzugsbuch” by Judith Borowski How do I impress landlords? What does “broom clean” mean? What is a flat rate for moving costs? And how do I open a wine bottle without a corkscrew? Judith Borowski provides answers to the many unexpected questions that arise during a move and shows how to survive the change of flat without a nervous breakdown.

Extra: Our colleague’s personal moving tips

Four times in three and a half years, editor Angelika Unger has had to move house. She has learned eight lessons – here is her very own moving checklist:

My old, long since invalid addresses now fill a whole page in my friends’ address books. One of them recently explained to me that he had written my current address on a Post-it and stuck it in his address book: “It’s going to change again soon anyway.”

Four times alone in the last three and a half years I’ve packed boxes, set up the furniture, and sent out circulars with a new address. Am I now a real moving professional? Even for me, enough still goes wrong – but at least I can pass on the following eight Dubai Sharjah Ajman moving tips.

don’t pack the moving boxes too early!

Where the hell is the spaetzle slicer/bicycle pump/Denmark travel guide? Of course, it’s already packed. As soon as you close the box lid over them, you’ll suddenly need them urgently – the things you haven’t missed once in the last six months.

Then you have to unpack half a dozen boxes again. And what you’re looking for is always at the bottom of the last box – you bet! A good reason not to pack boxes until the last minute!

unpack before packing!

Even last-minute packing has its pitfalls: Everything always has to go fast-quickly, after all, there are so many other things to do just before the move. So open the cupboard, put the box in front of it and put all the junk in.

That’s how I’ve always done it so far. And every time I unpacked, I was annoyed to find shrunken T-shirts, battered plates, and linty bathroom mats in my hands. But I always postponed the big clean-out – after all, you want to finish putting things away, and the boxes make the new flat look so uncomfortableā€¦

My good resolution for the next move is to clean out before packing! Then I won’t have to carry as much.

get enough boxes!

“I still have a lot of moving boxes in the attic,” said my nice colleague Henning. Great, after all, a box costs a good 2.50 euros, and moving costs are already high enough when you don’t have to buy boxes.

I had already packed ten boxes when I drove to Henning’s place. He had another 15 ready for me in the hallway. “Are they enough?” he asked. “I have more in the attic.” I waved it off nonchalantly, drove home, and packed – and on the day before the move, I finally went to the DIY store, cursing, to get supplies. Next time I’ll raid Henning’s attic! Although if I clean out firstā€¦.

Order twice as many removal men as you need!

“You’re moving? Of course I’ll help you!” Two simple little sentences that arouse great hopes in people who are moving – and wrongly so, as I have discovered more than once. Because the closer the moving date gets, the more the contrite refusals pile up. The long-distance relationship must be visited! An urgent business trip! And then there’s the sick cat that urgently needs to be taken to the vet!

This is not meant to be an insinuation – there are plenty of good reasons not to spend Saturday morning with other people’s moving boxes. But that doesn’t change the fact that every cancellation throws careful planning into disarray and brings the mover to the brink of despair. Therefore, you should always plan for twice as many helpers as you actually need. Hire Best Movers and Packers Sharjah and Enjoy Comfort Services.

In the end, it’s often those who you least expect or even demand who help you. In the case of my last but one move, for example, it was two former editorial trainees.

hire professional helpers!

At some point, even the best of friends get tired of hauling the freezer, washing machine and 2.20-meter-high yucca palm from the fourth floor of one house to the third floor of another. That’s why I love Mr. Claus, who comes to my moves with his son Thomas and a van of any size, all together for 40 euros an hour. His phone number is now circulating among friends and colleagues, he has already moved with my former boss, with my girlfriend and my ex-boyfriend.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to sit back and relax about my own move. But it is immensely reassuring to know that someone is there to lug the heavy boxes of books upstairs without complaint.

reckon with the insidiousness of landlords!

When I was new in Hamburg, I lived as an interim tenant – with a student who went abroad for a year. When he came back, he understandably wanted to live in his flat again, and the handover was so nice that I forgot to ask for a handover certificate.

The next day he called me and wanted the room painted again, saying the paint had not been applied evenly. But the real scandal came later: he accused me of stealing a hippopotamus board with his mother’s dedication burned on it, and informed his mother about it, who then called me on the phone and berated me savagely. (I swear: this is exactly what happened!).

Fortunately, large property management companies and housing associations are more professional in such matters. But here, too, one should be prepared for nasty surprises. “No families with children, no young couples, no self-employed people, no people with fixed-term contracts – preferably a childless single with an above-average salary” – these are the requirements for potential new tenants that my last property manager told me. Are you looking for Moving Company Ajman UAE.

Only strong nerves and membership in the tenants’ association can help against such impositions.

Be suspicious of estate agents!

All is fair in war, love, and flat hunting. Nowhere else is there so much cheating, lying, and whitewashing. At a viewing appointment, for example, I witnessed a competitor sliming the estate agent with the words: “My fiancĆ©e is doing her doctorate, she will soon be a Doctor Schmidt. Whether the estate agent was impressed by this information is unknown to me. At least I didn’t get the flat.

But people looking for a flat don’t have to have a guilty conscience because of this – after all, the other party behaves similarly shamelessly. If the flat is directly on a six-lane road, it is “central”, “cozy” is guaranteed to mean tiny, dark, and winding, and which service charges are added to the rent, estate agents often only admit when asked.

My personal highlight was an upcoming sponge renovation, which I only found out about after I had already moved in. Since then, I have strictly adhered to the motto: Trust no one – especially not if they want to get rid of a flat.

Prepare yourself for the time without phone and internet!

You want to be able to make phone calls or shop online from a landline on a Monday after you move? Forget it! My record for waiting for a phone connection is ten weeks. And of course, the telecoms technician can only activate the connection in the anti-worker time slot between 9 am and 4 pm – so better plan a day’s holiday for that.

Or even better, two. After my last move, for example, I waited all day in vain for the technician to arrive. There were agonizingly long hours of waiting, during which I didn’t dare take a shower or vacuum for fear that I might overhear the bell. In the end, the hotline told me that the technician had tried to connect me, but I must not have been there. A week later it finally worked.

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