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Dubai Painters cost: What is the composition of the costs?

Brush and Tools Painters Dubai perform all work in the interior and exterior at a good cost. The services range from painting and wallpapering your interiors to painting the facade of your house. These and other works require craftsmanship, suitable materials, and thorough preparatory work. For a perfect result, you’d rather hire a painter instead of picking up a brush yourself.

But what costs will you incur if you have the work done by a professional? Since each project is individual, it is difficult to make general statements about the costs. Nevertheless, we would like to give you an orientation as to what painting work costs and what factors these depend on. The costs for interior work are based not only on the work to be done but also on the number of rooms and the corresponding square meters.

The scope of the order determines the cost of the painter

When painting your walls or putting up new wallpaper, a big cost is a time it takes to complete the job. Before a painter paints your apartment, in some cases, he must remove the old wallpaper. Afterward, the painter will plaster the walls, preparing them for wallpapering or painting. If you have doors that need a new coat of paint, they are first sanded and then painted afterward.

Before the painter gives you an estimate, the handyman estimates how much time the job will take. Most painters offer a no-obligation preliminary inspection for this purpose.

Preliminary work is included in the cost

The reference value for a painter is usually the surface to be painted. But before the painter begins with the actual work, often various preparatory work must be done. The painter tapes the rooms move furniture and protect them with foil. To prepare the surface for the respective work, he often removes the old wallpaper. Then he plasters the walls and wallpapers them anew. Old wallpaper does not always have to be removed unless several layers of wallpaper have already been glued or several layers of paint have been applied. Wallpaper does not absorb paint after a certain point. If there are more than three layers of paint, it is recommended to re-wallpaper. For more extensive jobs, this and other preparatory work take up a large part of the working time. Painting costs vary depending on the scope.

Desired materials

After all the preparations are completed, the actual work begins. The cost of interior and exterior work varies and depends on your wishes. Plain white paint costs less than an elaborate motif painting. Furthermore, the quality of the paint affects the Dubai painters cost. The price usually includes all materials (paint, brushes, paint rollers, etc.).

Cost of painting the facade

A fresh coat of facade paint will give your house a new shine and increase its value. How much a new facade painting costs depends on various factors. Depending on whether the facade is painted in a plain white, single or multi-colored, the price per square meter varies. The average price per square meter is 150AED. In addition to the desired color, it also depends on the size of the house and the condition of the facade. In the total price the following factors are considered:

  • Scaffolding (rent, assembly and disassembly)
  • Covering and masking
  • Cost of putty, primer and paint
  • Preliminary work (cleaning and filling the facade)
  • Priming and paint application

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