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Dubai Cleaning carpets: This is the right way to do it!

A carpet is the fluffy floor covering that gives every room a cosy and homely atmosphere. But every now and then, it needs to be cleaned during the annual spring cleaning. But don’t panic! Carpet cleaning is quick and easy, whether it’s a cheap or an expensive model. And: you save the costs of professional cleaning. Baking soda, mineral water. Brush and Tools Dubai will tell you the best home remedies!

Clean the carpet yourself or have it professionally cleaned?

Surely you ask yourself an important question at the beginning. Should you clean the carpet yourself or have it professionally cleaned? Apart from the sensitivity of the material, this depends on time and money. Depending on the material and the provider, cleaning costs between 8 and 38 AEDs per square meter. But you can save these costs. Because there are many simple tips and tricks!

Whether you should clean your carpet yourself depends on the carpet model and its sensitivity! You can read more about this below in our information on different materials. In general, we recommend deep cleaning twice a year – in summer and winter. If it is used intensively, you should clean it more often. The following variants are available:

Wet cleaning with carpet foam and a hoover: Here, spray foam is brushed in and vacuumed after drying.
Wet cleaning with a shampooer: Here, a spray extraction device sprays the agent onto the floor with increased pressure.
Cleaning with a steam cleaner: Steam dissolves dirt and grease. The dissolved dirt is collected directly in a special cloth.

Clean or shampoo the carpet or immovable carpet yourself:


You do not own a professional carpet cleaning machine? Then you should prepare your carpet for cleaning. So first work on the good piece with the hoover. Modern vacuum cleaners in particular have various suction options with which you can remove even the finest dust. Use the brush attachment on your hoover. Unless you have a loop or long-pile carpet. In this case, the smooth nozzle is more suitable.

Allow the agent to soak in

Then cover with carpet cleaner or carpet shampoo. To do this, work in circles with your hand from the outside to the inside. Wet only superficially!

Wash out cleaning agent

Then wipe off with water and a soft cloth until no more foam remains. Then allow to dry!

Cleaning carpets with home remedies or carpet cleaners – which is better?

how to clean carpet
carpet cleaning tips

In principle, it is always better to do without the chemical pistols. In any case, try out the home remedies that you often already have at home! This way you do something good for the environment and save money and time!

If the carpet is particularly dirty, you can also hire a cleaning machine. Of course, this can also be used to clean immovable carpets quickly and easily. What is important here is good ventilation for proper drying.

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Tips on carpet cleaners

When it comes to carpet cleaners, the question is: alkaline lye or acidic cleaner? It all depends on the material:

  • Wool and animal fibre material: Acidic cleaners
  • Cotton: Alkaline lyes
  • Sisal: Alkaline lyes

The 8 best home remedies

So that you can quickly take the appropriate action against the mishap, we have created a clear infographic with effective home remedies. Further down you will find detailed instructions for the respective procedure.

Scented Basic: Washing powder

The only important thing here is that the detergent is used in powder form. A distinction can be made between white detergent and colour detergent, depending on the colour of your carpet. Cleaning the carpet with washing powder – this is how it works: Simply sprinkle on the powder. Then brush it into the carpet. After a short soaking time, simply vacuum up the powder. It has then absorbed the dirt and given your carpet a pleasant scent.

Ice cream against chocolate stains:

As sweet as chocolate tastes, its stains are bitter. Clean the carpet yourself with ice – that’s how: If the chocolate freezes, it can be easily broken out. P.S.: Also helps with chewing gum!

Salt against red wine stains:

Many have asked themselves this question: How do I remove red wine stains? Red wine is of course particularly nasty, especially in a light-coloured carpet. Salt is the solution here! Clean the carpet with salt – this is how it works: Simply apply salt to the stain. Then moisten and rub from the outside to the inside. When everything has dried, vacuum it up and repeat if necessary.

Baking soda or baking powder against coffee stains:

What about unsightly coffee stains, for example? The household remedies baking soda and baking powder can help against this and more. Clean the carpet with baking soda or baking powder – this is how it works: Spread the powder evenly over the carpet. Rub in lightly and then spray with hot water. Then wait a few minutes and vacuum away.

Lemon juice for light variants:

Lemon juice has a bleaching effect – ideal for dark stains on a light background! Clean the carpet with lemon juice – this is how it works: Simply drip it on the stain and work the stain with it!

Shaving foam instead of carpet foam for food stains:

Whether it’s mustard or tomato – shaving foam from the bathroom can help! Clean the carpet with shaving foam – this is how it works: Cover the stain with foam. Then massage in the home remedy with a cloth or soft brush. After at least one hour, dab off the foam with a cloth. The same procedure is recommended for carpet foam, but here you should test an inconspicuous area first.

Mineral water for very fresh stains:

This is a good way to combat horrible stains such as wax, but also any food stains! The main thing is that the soda contains a lot of carbonic acid. Clean the carpet with mineral water – that’s how: Simply pour it on the stain. Then wait 20 minutes and rub off with a soft cloth.

Blotting paper for wax stains:

Wax stains can be removed with blotting paper. Clean the carpet with blotting paper – that’s how: Place the blotting paper on the wax stain. Then brush over it with an iron or blow-dry the spot. The blotting paper absorbs the wax dissolved by the heat.

Universal tip: Glass cleaner, bile soap and vinegar as multi-stain killers:

If nothing helps: glass cleaner or window cleaner or the well-known gall soap! Vinegar, especially when mixed with soda, also helps against stains on the carpet. Be careful with sensitive materials, because vinegar bleaches! Always try it out first!

Hands off: These products should not be used for carpet cleaning

Petrol or nail polish remover come in handy? But please don’t get them on the carpet! Both products only dissolve the dirt, but do not remove it. Nail polish remover should only be used acetone-free on real nail polish stains on the carpet.

Carpet by type & material Carpet by type & material

carpet cleaning dubai
carpet cleaning ajman

The instructions for care differ for each material. Basically, you always have to weigh up according to the sensitivity of the material.

The right technique

  • Dab instead of rub!
  • Always proceed from the edge of the stain towards the centre.
  • Always work on the stain immediately – if there is no time, apply lukewarm water or soda.

Cleaning carpets made of natural fibres

Besides wool, silk and cotton, sisal and jute are also natural fibres. If stains appear, you can dab them freshly with absorbent cloths and a little stain remover on top, do not rub them. For stubborn stains, you can then work the carpet with a damp natural fibre brush.

Cleaning animal fibre carpets

If your carpet is made of animal fibre material such as wool, you must not use soap suds! This can cause your carpet to lose its strength and elasticity. Acidic carpet cleaners, on the other hand, will preserve shine and elasticity. Then brush the pile in the direction of the stroke. If you have a silk carpet, we recommend that you hand it over to a professional carpet cleaner!

Cleaning leather carpets

Leather is a delicate material that is best cleaned with special leather care products. It is important that you choose the appropriate agent for the type of leather: Suede, smooth leather or nubuck? Dirt can then be treated with a damp cloth and the right agent or leather soap.

Cleaning a high pile carpet

How do I clean a high pile carpet, you ask? First, comb through it with a coarse comb. This way you can discover any knots early on. It is best to repeat these procedures several times a year to keep your high pile carpet fresh and like new for a long time. Small dirt on a high pile carpet can be removed perfectly with normal hair shampoo. Simply fill a bowl with soda and some shampoo and cover the light stain with it.

Cleaning a long pile carpet

How do I clean a long pile carpet?” is another common question. You should start by combing the long pile with a coarse comb. It is best to repeat this several times a year. With long pile carpets, it is also advisable to shake out the carpet well beforehand and vacuum it several times. There should be no more small crumbs or the like in this dense weave of fibres. Then check again to see if you can see any larger knots. Small crumbs on a long-pile carpet can also be removed with the hair shampoo. In this case, mix the shampoo with soda and treat the light stain with it.

Cleaning an oriental rug

First you have to find the right cleaning agent. This should always be mild and PH-neutral. Be sure to test the cleaning agent in advance on a less visible spot! Classic detergents should not be used. In addition, the carpet must not be soaked too much. Brush with only light pressure!

Tip: Apply wool grease or lanolin after contact with water. This will restore the shine. Then let it dry well while hanging!

Cleaning microfibre carpets

If you have a carpet made of synthetic fibres, please never wash it in the washing machine! The latex layer could dissolve. It is also advisable not to dry your synthetic fibre carpet with electrical aids. Because they contain chemical fibres, too much heat can cause them to melt and lose their shape.

Cleaning a flokati rug

A flokati is cosy and soft and at the same time, unfortunately, it traps dirt particularly well. Smaller models can be washed easily in the washing machine at 30 degrees. For the larger ones, use lukewarm water and wool detergent or gentle shampoo. Simply soak them in the bathtub. Then brush out and leave to dry thoroughly.

Pro tip: Snow and beating it out

Coarse dust and dirt collected in the base fabric? You couldn’t remove all the dirt with the vacuum cleaner? Then we recommend that you first beat out the back well. In winter you can also lay the carpet with the front side in the snow. Then brush it out. This variant also refreshes the colours. By the way, this also works for your bedsheets!

Removing dust mites from carpets

No matter whether you suffer from allergies or not ─ mites are not desirable pets. We tell you how to remove the little pests from your carpet. Here’s how: In winter, it’s best to hang the carpet outdoors. For example, lay it out on your terrace or over the railing of your balcony. If you have neither a terrace nor a balcony, you can simply hang your rug out of the window. In summer, you can also fight the little animals with heat. To do this, place the carpet in the sun for a few hours. But be careful with coloured carpets, they can easily fade. It is, therefore, better to put them in the washing machine at a temperature of at least 60°C. Done!

Removing pet hair from carpet

Pet owners know exactly what we are talking about. As much as we love our little four-legged friends, their hair can be a real nuisance. They like to get caught in our carpet. How to remove pet hair from carpets: Use a special attachment for your hoover. You should be able to get the stubborn pet hair out with a turbo brush. Otherwise, you can also use a rubber cloth. Sweep the carpet several times to collect all the hair. If you are in a hurry, grab some rubber gloves. Dampen them slightly and stroke the carpet. The pet hair will stick to the rubber. The same works with nylon stockings or parcel tape!

Cleaning small and movable carpets yourself

It should be quick and easy and the carpet is small and/or movable? Then it is worth washing the carpet in the washing machine or the bathtub. For these options, check briefly beforehand how much the carpet can withstand. Especially long pile or short pile carpets can be washed perfectly in the bathtub and the washing machine. Cotton, wool and synthetic fabrics should be washed at 30 °C on the delicate wash programme.

Cleaning carpets yourself in the bathtub

Fill the bathtub with water so that the carpet is covered. Then add shampoo. Let it soak and then knead it carefully. This removes the dirt. Then rinse until no foam remains in the water. Washing in the bathtub is also good for sheep’s wool rugs!

Such a washing cycle is best for long-pile, short-pile or high-pile carpets, but also for spotted carpets and bath carpets. Oriental carpets and the like, on the other hand, should stay out of the washing machine. To prevent shag from getting caught in the machine, it is best to get a large laundry bag. How many degrees a carpet can withstand in the washing machine must be determined individually. After washing the carpet, you can check it again for stains. If necessary, treat them with classic household remedies.

Cleaning carpet fringes yourself

Often the fringes of a carpet are white and no longer look nice after a while. This is an easy way to clean the fringes: Place plastic under the fringes. Mix very hot water with detergent for white laundry and a little bleach. Then rub a soaked sponge over the fringe and wait a few minutes. If the desired effect is still not present, repeat the process.

Drying the carpet properly

Dry the carpet: A wet-dry vacuum cleaner, which you can borrow from a DIY store, is recommended here. Alternatively, dry towels can be laid out on the carpet. These can also be lightly blow-dried.
Drying larger carpets properly: The best way is to hang them up in the fresh air. Ideally on a stable railing because of the heavyweight.
Drying small carpets properly: You can easily hang a small carpet anywhere to dry. A draft of air will also speed up the drying process.
Always pay attention to the heat sensitivity of the material! Carpets made of silk or an oriental rug should never be blow-dried. They should also be kept away from the heater. Other carpets should only be placed near the heating, never on top of it. Also, be careful outdoors: drying in the sun may be quicker, but it leads to a fading of the colour shine.

Important questions about carpet cleaning & care

We have looked into the most important questions for you! Simply read on and discover helpful household tips for carpet cleaning & care.

How often should you clean a carpet?

A wool carpet that is walked on frequently should be vacuumed at least once a week. Of course, it is best to always remove dirt directly so that it does not get stuck in the first place. A basic or deep cleaning is generally recommended in summer and winter, i.e. twice a year. However, this varies depending on the load. Stains should always be removed immediately.
How do I remove unpleasant odours from the carpet?
How do I remove footprints from a carpet?

Tips for a lasting result

After the work is done, you naturally want the result to last as long as possible:

  • Do not walk on the carpet for at least 24 hours after a wet shampooing.
  • Good airing in the room of the cleaned carpet
  • Clean the hoover gland in between
  • Do not place heavy furniture or objects on the carpet again until three days have passed.

The right carpet care

Carpet care is just as important as regular cleaning. There are various household tips and tricks for this:

To make your wool carpet shine again, vinegar water helps. This can refresh faded colours. Mix vinegar (or lemon essence) with 3 times as much water. Apply the mixture sparingly and brush it lightly into the carpet against the grain. Allow to dry well and then brush in the direction of the line.
To protect your carpet from moisture and dirt, we recommend using a waterproofing spray. However, we do not recommend this for natural materials. This is because the spray prevents the natural fibre carpet from transporting moisture and the material from breathing.
With synthetic carpets, impregnation usually only has a superficial effect. That is why you should choose a special impregnation product for it. There are also individual products for loop, woven and velour carpets.
A natural variant of impregnation works with salt. Simply sprinkle it on the carpet, wait about 5 hours and then vacuum it up!
Tip for lint on the carpet: Do not remove it all the time! With hand-woven carpets, lint is a completely normal process. If you leave the lint on the carpet, over time it will be absorbed into the carpet and solidify the backing fabric. Result: Over time, there will be less and less lint. Constantly removing the lint prevents this process and so more lint keeps coming in. Therefore, we recommend simply vacuuming the carpet gently when cleaning and not removing the lint completely.

Proper impregnation – this is how it is done!
Impregnation always makes sense after cleaning with a hoover and subsequent deep cleaning. Proceed as follows:

  • Test the impregnation spray on an inconspicuous area.
  • Spray the impregnation spray evenly from a distance of about half a metre.
  • Work it in with a soft sponge or cloth.
  • Allow the carpet to dry thoroughly before walking on it again!

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