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Cleaning carpet tips

Cleaning carpet in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman UAE

Cleaning carpet in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman UAE – step by step

Brush and Tools Dubai has listed some tips for your carpet cleaning like a pro. Carpets are literally trampled underfoot every day. Street dust, animal hair, stains and many other types of dirt make carpets look dingy and grey sooner or later, despite regular cleaning with the hoover. Grease in particular binds the dust in the fibres and makes the carpet look old. In this case, however, you do not have to replace the carpet. Thorough cleaning with a wet and dry vacuum cleaner removes even stubborn dirt and stains and makes the carpet shine in vibrant colours again. Learn here how to remove dirt from your carpet step by step. Because with a little patience, you will achieve just as good results as professional carpet cleaners.

Step 1: Clean the carpet – remove small pieces of furniture

So that you can clean the entire carpet if possible, first clear the floor. Furniture such as tables, chairs, side tables, armchairs and flowers standing on the floor should simply be stored in another room while the carpet is being cleaned. If possible, leave only the large and heavy pieces of furniture. To work quickly and safely, it is advisable to enlist a helper to carry them. Hire deep Cleaning Dubai

Step 2: Cleaning the carpet – vacuuming

Before you proceed to wet carpet cleaning, vacuum the entire carpet thoroughly. This will remove dust, hair, sand, salt and crumbs that would interfere with wet cleaning.

Step 3: Clean carpet – pre-treat stains

Even though the wet and dry vacuum cleaner is predestined for thorough cleaning of the carpet, the appliance fails when it comes to old and dried stains. So if red wine or coffee stains adorn parts of the floor covering, pre-treat the stains well. Test the compatibility of carpet cleaner and stain remover on an inconspicuous spot beforehand to avoid unpleasant surprises. Home remedies such as salt, baking soda, carbonated mineral water or simple washing-up liquid or wool detergent can also help.

Step: 4: Clean carpet – prepare wet and dry vacuum cleaner

Read the instruction manual for your wet and dry vacuum cleaner carefully if you are not familiar with its operation. Fill the water tank with water and carpet cleaner according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Refer to the product packaging for the ideal mixing ratio of cleaning product and water.

Step 5: Cleaning carpet tips – the prewash

Set the wet and dry vacuum cleaner to wet cleaning. Now run the suction nozzle evenly over the carpet at a distance of 10 to 20 centimetres to moisten the entire floor covering. Be careful not to completely soak the carpet. This could loosen the carpet adhesive or cause the carpet to curl. Work your way from the far corners towards the door of the room. Now let the cleaning liquid soak in for about 10 minutes.

Step 6: Cleaning the carpet tips – the main wash

In the next step you work again with the wet-vacuum function. Work the cleaning liquid deep into the carpet with the nozzle and remove it again immediately. In areas of stains, dirt or walking streets you will have to repeat the process several times to thoroughly clean and freshen up the carpet. The easiest way to accomplish this step is to mentally divide the carpet into squares and work through each square separately. Damp carpet cleaning not only gets the dirt out of the carpet, but also removes more stubborn stains. It also ensures that the fibres that have been flattened in running lines straighten up and the floor covering becomes soft and fluffy again.

Step 7: Cleaning the carpet – the rinse cycle

Now remove the tank and pour away the dirty water. Clean the water tank thoroughly, rinse it well and insert it into the wet and dry vacuum cleaner filled with clear freshwater. Select the wet cleaning function again and mentally divide the carpet into squares. Now work the entire carpet thoroughly in sections to rinse out dirt residues and the cleaning agent. Depending on the model of the wet and dry vacuum cleaner and the size of the area to be worked on, you may have to renew the water several times. It is important to thoroughly remove the cleaning agent from the carpet. This is because any remaining residue will loosen the dirt from the shoes and bind it firmly to the fibres, creating a stubborn stain. Only by rinsing thoroughly can you enjoy the fruits of your labour for a long time. To protect the carpet from new soiling, add a special impregnating agent to the rinse water. Please refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for the dosage.

Step 8: Cleaning the carpet – the drying process

Now empty the water tank of your wet and dry vacuum cleaner. In the next step, vacuum the entire carpet thoroughly with the appliance to remove as much of the residual moisture from the floor covering as possible. Since residual moisture always remains in the carpet despite all efforts, summer is the ideal season for thorough carpet cleaning. Finally, open the windows so that the floor dries as quickly as possible. If children or pets belong to your household, it is best to close the room door until the carpet has dried. Because the floor can only really be walked on when it is dry.

Step 9: Cleaning the carpet – vacuuming at the end

When the carpet is completely dry after a few hours, vacuum it again thoroughly with a normal hoover. Now you are once again walking on a floor covering that delights with its cleanliness, freshness and expressive colours. Put the furniture back in its place and enjoy the fresh atmosphere in the room.

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